Selling Wine

How do I sell wine?

To sell wine listed in your Wine Ark account, simply check the box adjacent to that wine, select "SELL" from the pull down cellar-instruction list & hit GO. A confirmation page will appear, listing the wine/s you have selected and requesting you to confirm the quantities for sale & the price expectation sought per bottle.

After completing these details, your wine is immediately listed for sale. Unless you cancel your order, it will remain listed until the wine is sold.

While a wine is listed for sale, you can not place any other cellar instructions upon that wine. Although it will still be listed in your cellar until it is sold, it will be locked from other instructions and flagged with the 'sell wine' icon.

If you need some help setting your reserve prices, please contact us during business hours.

Updating or Cancelling Sell Order

It is possible cancel or adjust any sell orders that haven't been completed. This can be done quite simply from within the SELL ORDER HISTORY area of the website.

Settlement & Payment

Wine that is sold is only removed from your account once the transaction has settled. Sale proceeds are then issued to you at the end of each trading period.