Buying Wine

Selecting Wine

To purchase wines you must first be logged into your account.

Once you have found wines you wish to purchase, simply click the checkbox adjacent that wine and hit the ADD TO SHOPPING CART icon. It will then be added to your shopping cart. Once you are ready to complete your order, simply proceed to the CHECK OUT and follow the payment instructions.

Payment Options

Wine Ark offers both on & offline payment options. These include:

  • All credit cards
  • EFT payments

Please note that all OFFLINE payments must be received within 72 hours of an order being accepted. If for whatever reason your payment is not cleared or accepted, the trade will be automatically cancelled and the wine will be re-listed for sale.

Release of Purchases

Once the transaction has been processed, approved & settled the wine will be transferred directly into your storage account. This process normally takes between 5 to 10 working days from the date we receive your payment.